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Gearing Solutions
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Proven Technology!
This is Not Your Daddy’s Gearbox!
This Is NOT Your Daddy's Gear Box

Thousands of Standard Ratios 
Tough Requirements?
Low Quantities?
Short Lead Times?
Quick Modifications!
Speed Increasers Too!
Choose any of Gearing Solutions standard products
Modified Standard Products from Gearing Solutions
Engineer To Order from Gearing Solutions
Other items  from Gearing Solutions

Give us 20 minutes and we will offer solutions from the
design stage through prototyping and into production.

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Gearing Solutions, Solon, OH
Patent Numbers: 8562481B2, 7524261B1, US8328677 B2, US3975969, US4640154, US5080638, US5456638, US4077273, US4307630, and US7438663