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Gearing Solutions
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Proven Technology!
This Is Not Your Daddy's Gear Box!
This Is NOT Your Daddy's Gear Box
Precision Chain/Gear Solutions To Cure Your
Unique Motion & Power Drive Challenges 
Lighter & Smaller Aluminum Housing To Eliminate Space Issues In Any Application
- Best Weight-to-Torque Ratio
- Infinite Range Of Applications And Ratios
- Tooled For Short Runs Of Specials
- Superior Shock Loading That Acts Like A Spring!
- Ideal For Confined Space
- Short Lead Times
- Submersed Integrity
- Convenient Motor Interface
- Food Based Grease - No Contamination
- Safer/Less Expensive Overhead Installation
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Give us 20 minutes and we will offer solutions from the
design stage through prototyping and into production.

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Patent Numbers: 8562481B2, 7524261B1, US8328677 B2, US3975969, US4640154, US5080638, US5456638, US4077273, US4307630, and US7438663