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Gearing Solutions manufactures Gears and products that utilize them. Applications range from parking lot gates to wind turbine hardware, it is a long list!

GEARS Our Nulobe™ planetary drivers matched with the original roller gears creates a planetary gear set that puts Maximum power into Minimum space. We also make standard gears on customized blanks.

PRODUCTS Gearing solutions has a line of NEMA Gearheads featuring up to 50% less weight and the smallest profile on the market and has recently added NEMA 34 frame versions rated at 1 HP.

A new 5 HP space saving speed reducer that also functions as gearhead, but consist of a face mounted speed reducer with a hollow input shaft and a motor adapter allowing you to:

  • Switch or replace motors
  • Use GS convertible shaft adapters to match any motor to any gearbox.
  • Interchange IEC motors and NEMA motors
  • Add face flange or foot mounts default or special configurations

Amazing Features

  • Pack more power in less space
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Easy and quick maintenance instead of replacement
  • Short-run quanities at competitive pricing
  • Many in stock units to choose from
  • Ideal for mission critical equipment

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  • Our high-density drives can serve as speed increasers, speed reducers, and perform well with rotary motion power transmissions that require changes in torque and speed. Our products are used in both industrial systems and in end-use products. Click here to view our many applications.

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