Reinventing Gears

For industrial systems and
end-use products

Gearing Solutions® manufactures Lightweight NEMA Planetary Gearheads
featuring Nulobe Gears and profiles as short as 2.75 inches!

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Custom Gears

Gearing Solutions Offers Parts Too

Our gear designs are not only unique but will work in nearly any application
and ideal for custom builds. Durable, cutting edge technology means our
gears will last!

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Up to 50% more
power density

Offering aluminum housing as standard. Factional to 30 HP

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New FlexFrame™ Design

5 HP Face Mounted Reducer

available in flange or foot mount versions and
IEC versions with shaft adapters to match

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Broad Range Of Mounting Arrangements

GHP-19 Gearbox
GHP-19 Series

GHP-20 2-stage Gearbox
GHP-20 Two Stage

GHP-20 3-stage Gearbox
GHP-20 Three Stage

GHP-21 Gearbox

GHP-22 Gearbox

GHP-30 Gearbox

Build It Online

Answer just a few quick questions and we will work together to design a gearbox that will work in most motion control applications.

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