Our Adapter line includes both Motor and Shaft Adapters. Accepts NEMA or IEC configurations. Contact us for information about our Shaft Adapters.

Motor Adapters

Whether desiging drives for easy maintenance, quick conversion or minimum inventories, NEMA gearheads should be considered. We have taken advantage of minimum axial dimension in designing this adapter module. The combined unit's L dimension remains the lowest in the industry. Our Adapters are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to mount. The housing unit will fit into both the foot and flange mount. By combining our Adapters with our GHP Planetary line, design engineers can create NEMA gearheads.

Model Flange A Flange B
ADP 0001 NEMA 56 ---> NEMA 184 NEMA 56 ---> NEMA 184
ADP 0002 NEMA 56 ---> NEMA 184 NEMA 182T ---> NEMA 256T
ADP 0003 NEMA 182T ---> NEMA 256T NEMA 182T ---> NEMA 256T

Use suffix B for 45 degree offset. At least four additional sizes can be accessed through our Engineer To Order program.

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