Recommended Maintenance

All units shipped from Gearing Solutions are pre-lubricated with grease at the factory, unless otherwise specified. Secondary external lubrication devices are available on the market should the gearbox experience severe operating conditions. Otherwise, it is recommended that the gearbox be lubricated using a compatible lubricant, such as food-based grease from Belray #62470-CG. Lubrication should occur a minimum of once per month or every 500 hours of operation. Five to ten full pumps from a standard grease gun will suffice.

Temperature of the gearbox is a good indicator of the operating condition severity. Maximum severity is 60 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient. If this occurs it is recommended to install an external lubrication device. Also, any noticeable change in gearbox temperature or noise is a reasonable indicator for additional lubrication.

Standard gearbox units, while reasonably sealed, are not designed to run submerged. Gearing Solutions can provide special sealing for submersed applications upon request. If you suspect a contamination to have penetrated a standard Gearing Solutions gearbox, we request you return it to us and we will access and repair the damage as stated below. Return Policy: Gearing Solutions offers a return policy to our factory (freight pre-paid) for inspection and repair as long as the customer has obtained a Return Material Authorization number. Reasons for return may include normal wear, contamination from foreign substances or unit malfunction. All issues found to be the responsibility of Gearing Solutions will be replaced at no charge. Repair of all issues found to be the responsibility of the customer will be quoted and approved by the customer prior to completion. Return shipping will be covered by Gearing Solutions.

Warning: Do not to try to disassemble or repair a Gearing Solutions gearbox. Any and all attempts to do so will void any warranty of manufactured workmanship.

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