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Merritt Osborn

The use of roller chains for motion control began in the early automobile industry. It was a major player. The roller chain's power transmission task may have been parallel to that of gears, but the chain's development path was different.

The chain industry did a good job of identifying and standardizing its technology, and provided us with an important starting point when roller gear development began.

With the help of chain veterans, Gearing Solutions decided to focus on developing planetary systems, using a roller chain to form an internal gear. Since gear sets are limited by the life of the smallest component, planetary systems compensate for the smallest gears by having more of them. Ratios with weak drivers are reinforced with our Nu-Lobe design models.

Roller gear standards provide a wide range of sizes. For example, if we use a sample of just 27 to 100 pitches, 9 chain sizes and just 10 ratios, 657 sizes can be identified! Each ratio has a new set of variables, creating thousands of combinations, and Gearing Solutions manufactures aluminum housings for them.

Gearing Solutions turned to Genus Solutions for help in developing our Digital Automated Transmission Program (DTAP). Given the proper inputs, DTAP can sort through many options and deliver the 8 best designs in as little as 15 minutes. There is no charge for the report. If you choose to continue, Gearing Solutions will provide a 3D drawing showing your footprint and all major dimensions, and will be able to give you estimates of time, cost to complete, a prototype and produce it in our short run facility.

Roller gears give you the option of a small diameter but more length or short profile but large diameter.

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