Hybrid Gearheads

You need them, we have them:

  • Modify existing equipment when your requirements change, as with center drive mixers.
  • Gearboxes normally outlast the motor by 7 to 1! Why buy 7 gearmotors when you can buy 1 gearbox and swap failed motors fast?
  • Put those idle drives back in service immediately.

The Problem: Your motor only really fits one gearhead.
The Solution: Gearing Solutions GHP Series gearheads that fit NEMA 56C, 143 and 181 faceplates as well as IEC motors!

The Problem: You bought a gearmotor but now the motor has failed and it needs replaced.
The Solution: Buy the motor you want and a Gearing Solutions hybrid gearhead with FlexFrame technology to fit any motor you buy!

The Problem: You had to get a smaller motor in an emergency.
The Solution: Use a smaller Gearing Solutions gearbox with one of our shaft adapters as a great short term fix to keep you up and running!

Gearing Solutions' Hybrid Gearheads feature a detachable rear plate and a faceplate that will accept up to 3 different motors (for example: NEMA to IEEE). Use our shaft adapters with the appropriate motor mounting adapter plate for amazing versatility.

Solve your sizing problems with a highspeed gearbox that can handle varying horsepower and shock loads. We have the gearbox for even the most complicated applications: gear speed reduction, angle gearboxes or even a small, lightweight gearbox.

We give you hundreds of options when you add our FlexFrame Shaft Adapters.

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