The MaxaMin™ System

Originally based on the concept of wrapping a chain around a disc to form an internal gear, Gearing Solutions™ developed a line of planetary NEMA gearheads to showcase that gear. Over the last 12 years it has added Nu-lobe gears but was focused on the engineer to order business. Market needs have changed and Gearing Solutions™ now plans to apply this accumulated experience to the expanding needs in the gear segment of the motion control industry

Expansion starts with adding two sizes to the current NEMA Gearhead line and raising the Horse power ratings to 15 HP. These new speed reducers function as gearheads, but consist of face mounted speed reducer with a hollow input shaft and a motor adapter and will be available in 3-4 and 5 ratios to 1 ratio. Acessories include foot mounts, flange face mounts and the ability to match a variety of motors including IEC versions.

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