What makes us unique

Unique Products built to order

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    Our gearboxes are constructed using NU LOBEā„¢ gears, which optimize the roller gear profile. These gearboxes are up to 50 percent lighter and able to pack more torque in less space.
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    Our Adapters weigh as little as 10 lbs. with a maximum at 30 lbs., and we are developing them for NEMA standards. IEC standards can be had as specials.

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    Answer just a few quick questions and we will work together to design a gearbox that will work in most motion control applications.

GHP Series Planetary Gearheads

Our GHP Series Planetary Gearheads feature ratios of 5:1, 4:1, and 3:1.

These gearboxes are inline compact with no jackshafts, are lightweight, high density, well balanced and perform at high speeds.

The GHP Series can be modified to create high reduction gearheads. Ratios can reach 1000:1 and higher. These high ratio units use small motors and the adapters conveniently furnish the appropriate configuration to mount them.





Our Adapters are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to mount. By combining our Adapters with our GHP Series, design engineers can create NEMA gearheads.



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