Reinventing Gears



Gearing soluTIONS TECHNOLOGY BASIS IS AN INTERNAL ROLLER-GEAR similar to that DEVELOPED AT KISS CORP YEARS AGO. IT HAS A WIDE RANGE. sampling 27 TO 100 PITCHES AND 9 CHAIN SIZES and using jUST 10 RATIOS,, 657 SIZES CAN BE IDENTIFIED.  REMEMBER that EACH RATIO HAS A NEW SET OF VARIABLES, CREATing many THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONs . The Gearing Solutions System focuses on planetary systems because the system COMPENSATES for the small gears by HAVING more of them. Our DTAP engineering program  developed by Genus solutions ,given the PROPER data can sort THROUGH them and deliver the basic gear set parameters in as little as 15 minutes.

driver limited

The Internal Gear carries Load Over a greater number of pitches 


  • Planetary systems are extremely versatile and require precision manufacturing. Gearing Solutions versions require the same precision. However, roller chains  rollers act like MINIATURE JOURNAL bearings-INCREASing contact area. To deliver this power, a better driver is required. Illustrated is the NU-LOBE design that delivers it
Nu Lobe Gears from Gearing Solutions

Aluminum Housings: 
Internal constructed of chain based roller gear the chain spreads the force over 360 degrees  allowing us to use aluminum housings and It's easy to change the number of pitches resulting in competitive short run pricing. In addition, the rollers act as miniature journal bearings,  increase shock load capacity. Also, a weight savings of greater than 50 percent can be achieved.

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