Reinventing Gears


The MaxaMin™ - The Gearing Solutions System

Over the last 30 years we have perfected our motion control technology, developing a proprietary engineering process called the Gearing Solutions MaxaMin™ System, which provides a host of benefits to customers.

Customers benefit from the MaxaMin™ System

  • Short runs at competitive prices
  • Efficient prototyping
  • Products that can be easily modified
  • The ability to tailor shafts and housings to customer specifications and create hardware to match new designs
  • Numerous torque/ratio combinations
  • Horsepower ratings from 1/10 to 30
  • Standard ratios from 3:1 to 125:1
Nu Lobe Gears from Gearing Solutions

Internal Gear Distributed Load Over More Components or Rollers

Internal constructed of chain that distributes the force over many more components than a normal gear tooth. The Nu Lobe driver will carry more torque than a standard driver tooth making it half the weight because we can use the aluminum housings and carries more torque in less space. We've also tested and found that load capacities increase up to 300 percent.

Our gearboxes are constructed using NU LOBE™ gears, which optimize the roller gear profile. Our standard gearboxes are up to 50 percent shorter, can manage up to 30 horsepower and higher, and can replicate NEMA dimensions.


Aluminum Housings

Our chain-based internal gears are mounted in lightweight aluminum housings that allow for design flexibility (easy to change the number of pitches) and competitive short run pricing. In addition, the chain spreads the force over the entire 360 degrees and the rollers act as miniature journal bearings, thereby increasing shock load capacity. Also, a weight savings of greater than 50 percent can be achieved.


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